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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  July 9, 2009 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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probably nearer to 60 along the joppa road stretch on the hilltop. 59 westminster. 59 eldersburg. back towards the water, edgemere is 64. officially though we have ourselves sunshine this morning with high thin clouds shrouding their way basically southeast and west of baltimore. we'll mix in the clouds as we go throughout the day and call it increasing clouds. this afternoon's two-degree guarantee well below normal, only 78 on the low end. we'll see if we can approach that record low temperature coming up in a couple of minutes. let's see what's happening on the roads with kim. >> problems early on the beltway to start your thursday commute. still working that crash on the outer loop past wilkens avenue where the right two lanes remain blocked from the earlier crash involving a tractor-trailer and passenger vehicle. expect emergency crews on the scene and traffic does slow from frederick road. the other crash, inner loop approaching liberty road still off to the shoulder, not really causing an impact on the morning commute. the on-ramp from southbound route 170, that is camp meade road to the inner loop, closed
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for emergency roadwork due to an sinkhole on the on-ramp. avoid that if possible. this is 95 southbound as you make your way through howard county. you can see the sun coming up there and traffic flowing freely at this time. back to you. regulars know it as s.h. the suburban house in pikesville has been feeding local families since the 1950s. fire late yesterday afternoon heavily damaged this popular restaurant. this morning cheryl conner is live at the scene with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, a few drivers have stopped in front of the building to glance at the suburban house. the restaurant has been around since the 1950s but faithful customers are not used to seeing this. boards on the front of the building after fire swept through yesterday evening. the owner says he's heartbroken to see his restaurant heavily damaged but made this promise, we'll be back. the fire started around 5:00 wednesday. it was knocked out quickly but not before it devastated s.h. as it's commonly known.
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a longtime employee reported hearing a pop from the storage room. she called the fire department and helped to evacuate the other 34 customers and employees to safety. firefighters say that fire started in the storage room filled with kitchen supplies and canned goods. >> very painful. i mean, you never really think of anything like this. >> it's terrible. it's a staple. how can -- wow. >> it's just a sad day. >> god bless. let's hope and pray for the best. >> reporter: this morning investigators are still looking into the cause of the fire. the owner tells abc2 news he believes an electrical short may be to blame but again investigators are still looking into the cause. live at the suburban house, cheryl conner, abc2 news. dozens of people are homeless this morning after a fire rips through an entire block of row homes. this happened in south central pennsylvania. this was the scene yesterday in york.
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incredible smoke you see there. it's also incredible, no serious injuries were reported but the damage is immense. fire officials say it spread really quickly, most likely because the row homes didn't have firewalls. a shooting in west baltimore sends an 18-year-old man to the hospital. sources tell our overnight photographer pete "on the street" o'neal that the victim was found laying in the middle of the street just before midnight near wilson and division streets. police still have no motive or suspects in the case. a double shooting overnight. this one in southeast baltimore. sources tell us that the victims were two men, both in their 20s. one shot in the chest and head. the other shot in the leg. it took a young girl shot in the head for the baltimore community to come together and say enough is enough. abc2 news sherrie johnson joins us now with more in our studios on what they are doing to make our streets safer. >> reporter: good morning. a southwest baltimore neighborhood took to the streets last night in a show of
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unity. the neighborhood held a community crime walk. they walked for a purpose with mayor sheila dixon and the police commissioner in the carrollton ridge neighborhood. the citizens were on patrol fighting against crime after a terrible tragedy. last week 5-year-old raven wyatt was shot in the head as she walked back from a store. on this night the community and police teamed up for the walk hoping to make a change and stop the violence. >> i'm encouraged so many people are here but i will take more delight if a month from now, if three months from now, we still have this level of commitment in all these other people that are interested. >> we don't see results from the walking but we see results from the clean-up. a lot of times we go through an area and we see where trash is or something like that. >> reporter: police arrested 17-year-old lamont davis for shooting the child. he's charged with attempted murder. go to chel us about -- tell us what you think about the
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shooting and city officials' response. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. abc2 news has confirmed that baltimore county police will take over the investigation of that deadly light rail accident. mta officials say video evidence reveals the two teenagers were killed this past weekend, hit from behind by one train. and hit by another as they lay on the tracks. the mta also contends that the first conductor may not have seen the two boys because they were wearing dark-colored clothing. even though the accident happened during a sunny midday afternoon. the father of one of the teens is outraged. >> my question is, if the cameras picked it up why didn't the driver pick it up? i don't think it's -- something's not right. >> both train operators are not off-duty pending the outcome of the investigation. a memorial service will be held today in nashville for former baltimore raven steve mcnair. police now say that his 20-year-old girlfriend, sahel kazemi, shot him four times while he slept on the couch.
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then shot herself. police say that they think the girl was distraught over mounting financial problems and her fear that mcnair was seeing someone else. mcnair's friend, robert gade, is one of the people that called 911 saturday shortly after the two bodies were discovered. >> when i walked into the room, that's a vision i will be haunted with for the rest of my life. everything that's done in the dark will come to the light. but i don't feel like this light needs to be so bright. it shadows out the legacy of steve mcnair. >> mcnair's funeral is set for saturday in his home state of mississippi. police in nashville, in the meantime, say sahel kazemi's life was spinning out of control. here's video evidence of the police dashboard camera. her arrest for driving under the influence on july 2nd just days before the shootings. she was in a vehicle that mcnair had bought for her for her birthday. the 20-year-old told police she was not drunk, just high, when
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she refused a breath-alyzer. police say mcnair took a cab home. he was in the car with her. later he posted bale for catherine -- sahel kazemi. u.s. park police arrested marion barry on saturday. his lawyers say the two were on their way to rehoboth beach for an independence day party when they stopped for a meal in annapolis. the lawyer says the woman changed her mind then about the trip. the u.s. attorney's office said they decided not to proceed after reviewing all the evidence before them. baltimore mayor sheila dixon among those reacting to the major developments in the city's federal lawsuit against wells fargo. the u.s. circuit court judge has denied wells fargo's motion to dismiss the case. baltimore city is accusing that the mortgage giant unfairly targeted minority borrowers setting them up with loans that why destined to fail.
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>> hopefully as a result of our lawsuit, with the tens of millions of dollars we're losing we'll be able to come back and stabilize neighborhoods and help families that have been in foreclosure. >> the next court date is scheduled for july 20th. a consumer alert for parents. one million playyards have been recalled. it's because the side rail might not attach properly. a child who pushes against it could fall. there have been 21 reports of injuries. the playyards were made by cola craft enterprises and sold by major retailers including k-mart and target between january 2000 and january of this year. so keep that in mind. we'll put that on our web site if you need more information. another safety reminder -- especially for parents. the hidden threat posed to public pools or water parks. national health officials are reporting a spike in intestinal illnesses caused by a parasite. found lurking in many public
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pools. >> the the parasite can easily spread into the water and doesn't take much to infect the entire pool. >> it lives in human feces. what makes it so infectious is that it can survive in chlorine. as long as 10 days. symptoms include unusual stomach problems including diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. the sickness is general short-term and can be serious for children and those with immune problems. a massive blast in afghanistan kills 25 people including 21 civilians. this happened as thousands of u.s. marines take part in the biggest american military offensive in that country since 2001. and a suicide bomber strikes the northern part of iraq. authorities say that there are at least 34 people dead and another 70 that are injured. president obama and the leaders of the g8 summit
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welcome home new blood this morning. the heads of some of the fastest-developing marketing economies. the g8 summit in italy gets extra company as six more companies join the meeting. leaders of the fast-developing market economies, like brazil and mexico, want a larger say in world affairs. the leaders will take on world trade and the economy in work sessions. after the g8 spent its first day in meetings regarding global security. >> it's very important for the world community to speak to countries like iran and north korea and encourage them to take a path that does not result in a nuclear arms race in places like the middle east. >> reporter: the g8 is also addressing issues like global warming setting a nonbinding goal to set greenhouse gas emissions by the middle of the century. but major polluters china and
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india failed to get on board. smaller nations complain the g8 doesn't deliver on promises of aid to them. >> we'll be working with the developing countries between now and then to try and firm up commitments. >> reporter: the summit wraps up tomorrow. then president and mrs. obama will have an audience with the pope before leaving for africa. u.s. authorities suspect north korea may have been behind a widespread cyberattack. we've been telling you about this. it overwhelmed government web sites. in the united states as well as south korea while the treasury department and federal trade commission web sites were shut down by the software attack over the holiday weekend. others such as the pentagon and the white house, they were able to fend it off with little disruption. stay with us. the search for five people who's plane went down off the florida gulf coast. that and more still ahead on "good morning maryland." what is really inside that bottle of water you're slurping on? and why the companies don't
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give the same information as your local caught company. that story -- local water company. that story just ahead. and saving energy. coming up. for those of you that were rooting on a record low, we didn't get it. we're now back up off the bottom. our two-degree guarantee coming up. now only the far right lane remains block on the outer loop at wilkens avenue after the earlier crash. three lanes manage to get by. more details coming up. we'll be right back. ♪ [ female announcer ] arthritis targets your body where it's weak. where it's vulnerable. ♪ tylenol arthritis works with your body to block the pain, without interfering with certain high blood pressure medicines like aleve sometimes can. ♪ so you don't just feel better, you feel better knowing doctors recommend tylenol
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6:15. americans have a deep thirst for bottled water. making it a multibillion-dollar market but here's the thing. do we really know what we're paying for? a new study says no. we don't. but it's not really our fault. here's kristi ann klein. she's reporting on what you're about to see, the next time you take a drink, it's going to be hard to swallow. >> reporter: the u.s. bottled water industry is an estimated $16 billion a year business. but few consumers know what is really inside those bottles. officials from leading research and governmental groups argue before a congressional panel today that bottled water should be clearly labeled with the same amount of information that
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local water districts must provide. >> when we tested 10 major brands of bottled water we found 38 different pollutants, everything from disinfection by-products to radioactive isotoapsz. >> reporter: consumers spend 1,900 times more for bottled water than water straight from the tap. every municipal water district pushlicious a report on water -- publishes a report on water quality each year. however, bottled water is considered a food item and regulated by the food and drug administration while tap water is regulated by the environmental protection agency. different agencies with different rules. >> consumers may not realize but that many of the regulations that apply to municipalities responsible for tap water do not apply to companies that produce bottled water. >> reporter: bottled water officials argue their product is just as safe as tap. >> they both have to be safe.
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there's different ways that you get to that goal. >> reporter: bottled water is still immensely popular but after increasing steadily for years the economy is taking a bite out of growth. sales stayed the same in 2007 and 2008. abc news, washington. weather and traffic at 6:17. i want to start with the almanac, because normally we should be 66 degrees. the record of 54 was set in 1984. we were just rooting on that record. yes, kim is with me. if it's this chilly we might as well have something to show for it. i also want to show, 87 where we belong. 103 the hot record in 1936. so far we've got the temperature bottoming out at 58. 59 easton. 51 york. that is chilly but not record territory. just bouncing a little off the
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bottom now sitting at 60 in baltimore. we have clouds sitting just off towards our south. high thin clouds filtering in with the morning sunshine. the clouds are going to win today. system developing off the carolina coast. got to feel bad for the people vacationing in the jowbs outer banks, they are getting wind-whipped rain this morning or will be soon. the easterly wind for us is going to pile in more moisture. we'll get the high thin cloud deck. it will be a little extra dark this afternoon, 78 degrees is our two-degree guarantee. breezy and definitely very cool. nine degrees below normal by this time in july. temperatures tonight not as chilly, 61 degrees. with some clearing skies. the clouds try to build back in for tomorrow as we are expecting temperatures once again to remain in the upper 70s with a stray shower possible. 6:18. a reminder we'll be looking at temperatures that will be warming a little bit leading on into the weekend.
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you can follow that along at our our wake-up window at the bottom of the screen. you can follow us at we'll be checking out the latest weather conditions. you can also use our interactive radar on the weather page to check out that rain across the rest of the nation. 6:19. let's check the roads with kim. >> i'm just getting word of a crash at hawkins point road and efficiency way, in the city. on the beltway, on the outer loop after wilkens avenue three lanes get by as you make your way around to the beltway now. they have cleared out that crash from earlier and traffic does remain slow from frederick road. at the inner loop approaching liberty road that earlier crash remains on the shoulder not really causing an impact at this time. the on-ramp from southbound camp meade road, 170 from the inner loop remains closed for several hours as crews repair a sinkhole on the on-ramp. howard county, 95 southbound, we have a bright morning and traffic flowing freely as you make your way southbound towards the capitol beltway. back to you. searchers are covering the
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gulf of mexico near tampa looking for five people on board a private plane that went down. teams occurred a two-mile debris field in the water near port richey. the twin engine cessna was headed for tampa from texas. the faa says they lost radio contact with the plane just before 2:00 yesterday afternoon. a 14-year-old boy leads police on a chase in a stolen car with his two younger brothers inside. all because he wanted ice cream. this happened in lansing, michigan. the boy took his dad's suv out for a joyride, refused to pull over for police. the chase hit speeds of 110 miles per hour. before the boy lost control and crashed, thankfully no one was hurt. the boy told police he just panicked. still ahead this morning on "good morning maryland" -- more on the devastating fire just north -- in york, pennsylvania. we'll have the details coming up. and another round of violent weather across the nation including some
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texas-sized hail but first let's take a look at the latest business news with jeremy hubbard. good morning. corporate earnings season is off to an uneven start. aluminum giant alcoa reported a loss of more than $450 million, its third straight quarterly loss but wall street was expecting worse and the shares of alcoa are actually set to rise this morning. it's officially the first member of the dow to report its results each quarter. general motors could emerge from bankruptcy protection as soon as midnight. a federal judge could clear the way today for the automaker to sell its best assets to a new government-controlled company. while big changes are in store for gm one of the most notable may be its iconic logo. gm is said to be considering changing the blue background to green, a sign of its new commitment to producing fuel-efficient vehicles. americans pulled back on borrowing in may for the fourth straight month. consumer credit fell more than $3 billion from april to may and many experts think
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consumers will remain cautious in the months ahead. this is the first time americans scaled back borrowing for four months in a row since the recession in the early 1990s. two new reports calling for new labeling on bottled water to show it's not much different than tap water. americans expects about $16 billion on bottled water last year but nearly half of the water comes from municipal water supplies. government and environmental investigators say bottled water manufacturers should be required to disclose where their water comes from and how it's treated. the recession may be causing overweight or obese people to gain even more weight. a new study finds overweight people tend to pack on pounds from job-related stress and financial pressure. the researchers did not finds the same effect for people who were normal weight. coming up on "good morning america" -- an exclusive interview with the oracle of omaha. the billionaire investor warren buffetf. does he think the economy is finally turning around? that's your "moneyscope
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6:25. high clouds mixing in with the morning sunshine. there will be sun glare though as you drive this morning. clouds fill back in late morning through this afternoon. we have a storm system to our south. an easterly wind. and that will combine to keep temperatures well below normal. we're going for the two-degree guarantee of 78 this afternoon. tonight, settling back down into the low 60s. not as chilly. 79 degrees tomorrow. notice i highlighted a shower, less than 20% chance. wanted to mention the possibility there, the shower threat will increase over the weekend. maybe thunderstorms and 85
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saturday. sunday 82. let's check the roads with kim. >> just getting word of a crash in jessup. route 1 at route 175. just be aware of that. police managed to open three lanes past wilkens avenue. only the far right lane remains blocked from the crash involving a tractor-trailer and passenger vehicle. also, working the crash still on the inner loop approaching liberty road. it's off to the shoulder, not causing impact right now. as you make your way from route 170 keep in mind the on-ramp from southbound camp meade road to the inner loop will be closed as emergency crews try to repair a sinkhole on the on-ramp. 95 southbound, as you make your way through howard county, we have a bright sunny morning. traffic appears to be flowing freely as you make your way to the capitol beltway today. back to you. violent weather around the country. strong storms in new york as high winds and hail toppled trees and downed power lines. it looked more like winter there as hail piled up in yonkers. thousands of people lost power
6:27 am
and there was even some flooding but thankfully no injuries were reported. similar scenes near dallas, texas. you can see this person holding out the golfball-sized hail. storms there can produce that kind of hail. also produce damaging winds. some gusts were up to 60 miles per hour. stay with us. coming up on "good morning maryland" - >> the suburban house known for its matza ball soup and family-friendly atmosphere is now heavily damaged by smoke. i'm cheryl conner live in pikesville. i'll let you know what is ahead for this restaurant that has been around for more than 50 years.
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